Take care of your garments and other stored items

  • Always use wooden hangers. They help prolong the life of your clothes!

  • Hang dresses, robes and coats from one high rod. It helps them always look their best!

  • Fold your sweaters and knits for storage. It keeps them neat and helps avoid stretching them. Also, remember to place heavier sweaters on the bottom of the pile.

  • Never leave clothes in a dry-cleaning wrapper in your closet. It traps moisture.

  • Always clean clothes before storing them in the closet. It stops stains from setting.

  • Don’t store wool or silk in airtight containers. They really do need to breathe.

  • Place your shoes on inclined shelves to improve accessibility. Consider lining the shelves with cedar planking – the natural aroma helps neutralize odors.

  • Use acrylic separators to keep your bags and purses upright, and maintain their shape. Also, stuff them with acid-free tissue paper when not in use.

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