Moving out tips

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or moving into yet another home, here are some useful tips to make your moving out process easier.

  • Plan your moving day in advance—when it will take place, who is helping you, and who is looking after your kids and/or pets!

  • Set up five sections: keep, donate, sell, and trash.

  • Start an extreme declutter of your possessions. You do not want to be bringing any clutter into your new living space.

  • Consider calling a Simplespace professional closet designer to help you maximize the storage space in the closets of your new home.

  • Seperate your belongings by category—not room—and dedicate box to each. Avoid using trash bags—they might be confused as trash.

  • You most definitely have too many holiday decorations and knick knacks. The same goes for heavy, clunky instruments and artwork you know will never be put to use. This is the time to purge!

  • Try your best to discard sentimental items and clutter that you do not ever use and simply sits in a closet all year round.

  • Keep important documents with you to make sure you don’t lose any of them during the move.

  • Insure any of your valuables that you own (expensive jewelry, electronics, etc) that may be damaged or lost during the move.

  • Pack an essentials box for the first night of your move, when everything is still put away in boxes. Perhaps order an online food delivery for the first week or so.

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