Desk organization tips

Desk organization tips
  • A neat, organized desk is essential to boosting your productivity, and is quite easy to achieve.
  • Keep personal knick knacks to a minimum, though experiment with fun visuals to keep you inspired: a moodboard is a great idea.

  • Limit your supplies to what you use on a daily basis and keep them at arm’s length, so not to lose focus, and separate files using file dividers depending on what is urgent, important but not urgent, and others files.

  • Keep track of what is due, whether it be in a cute planner ( or on your laptop/phone. Find a system that works for you.

  • Keep post-it reminders to a minimum so not to lose sight of what is most important.

  • Try staying on top of your inbox so as not to overwhelm you later on, as well as classifying your e-mails by work/personal/receipts/etc.

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